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Our farm

We take pride in our farm and the exceptional products it yields. From farm-fresh eggs to certified naturally grown produce, our commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices sets us apart. Visit our farm to experience the convenience of buying local. 


Rhiannon Myers


I just ate the most amazing sandwich ever! highly recommend this hard working family's produce!

Wonderful family dedicated to growing the very best. 

Melissa Cato-Griffin


Made the best tomato salad ever using your tomatoes. Will be back for more...

Nycole Booth


Good people! So glad you dipped your toe in the deep end, known this family for years!

From our farm to you

When it comes to keeping your body healthy, you need nutrient-dense, clean food that really is all-natural.  Good food nearby is becoming increasingly difficult to find.  Order online or meet us in person at the Liberty Lake market or on the farm.  We would be honored to become a part of your healthy lifestyle.