Our farm

Montague Heritage Farms is a small one acre, family owned and operated produce farm and nursery located in Elk, WA. We strive to provide our customers with the freshest most delicious, seasonal produce available using Certified Naturally Grown standards. 

What we offer

The Freshest produce

All of our produce is picked within days of delivery meaning you are eating produce at the peak of ripeness which enhances flavor and quality. No more buying produce that has traveled hundreds of not thousands of miles just to give you an inferior product. 


We know your life is busy and want to be there to help you purchase the best produce around. Whether you like to shop at the farmers market, pick up locally or have your produce delivered direct to your door, we have you covered. 

A pledge we stand behind

Like many of you we understand the challenges facing families in regards to the quality and safety of the produce they buy in the stores. Part of the reason we started farming in the first place was to have complete control over what we are consuming. We carry that commitment our customers as well. We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers and we do not use genetically modified seeds. To hold ourselves accountable we are members of Certified Naturally Grown so we are peer reviewed yearly to ensure we are maintaining those standards.